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About The Brand

The Backdrop

Sixty So Sassy was conceived approximately 3 years ago as I approached my sixtieth birthday. When I considered who I am, one of my thoughts became a theme and later a hashtag. Sixty and Sassy is how I saw myself, thus the hashtag “SixtySoSassy” was born.


The more I hashtagged I began to hear God speak to me about all the ways to enjoy the abundance of life and live well past age 60. Style and Fashion are the premise of Sixty So Sassy, but at the core of that is the need to acquire and maintain health and wholeness.


I began to study under Fashion Guru, LaTara Shontae, owner of “The Style Agency”, and Stylist, Rodney High, owner of “HIGH, Men and Boys Fineries” and “HIGH Expectations Modeling Agency”. With their expertise and encouragement, “Sixty So Sassy” has come to Life. 


The Mission

It is my belief that every woman age 60+ should be made to feel and look her most beautiful self. My mission at Sixty So Sassy is to guide and provide her with choices that make her feel and look her most Sassy self. And not just her alone, but every woman, every customer.

The Visionary

I’ve always been impeccably dressed and a lover of fashion. The desire to model began as a freshman in high school when I was told “You have beautiful cheek bones, you should consider modeling”. Although it didn’t happen for many years, the fulfillment of my deep seated desire was finally realized when I began to Model in 2015. 

Modeling has heightened my love for fashion and style leading others to ask for assistance with styling and shopping tips. This has led to the creation of Sixty So Sassy, LLC, “A Sixties Unique Boutique”, designed with the “60-ish” woman in mind, designed specifically to help “YOU” be 60, Oh So Sassy!

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